Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I know that we posted just three days ago, but this is what I woke up to yesterday.

Yes, that is snow falling on the beautiful autumn leaves.  How about the flowers.

It snowed on and off all day.  This morning, more snow and 30mph winds out of the north.  Temperature with the wind chill factor is 20 degrees.  WINTER HAS ARRIVED.  

The warm up is our beautiful sunny quilt, FEELIN' ALRIGHT.

We made a couple of pillow cases the other day for a new project.  The are out of the same fabric collection, OZ, as this quilt is, so here is a sneak peak.

Last, but not least, I thought since it was getting cold here, it might be getting cold other places.  I am posting one of my favorite, and most requested recipes.  It goes great with soup or chili, perfect for a cold autumn night.

Hope ya'll have a spooky and warm Halloween.

Janice and Marcea


Sunday, October 25, 2009


Yes, the smell of Fall is in the air, at least in Utah.  Sorry Janice, but I know Fall doesn't have a smell in Florida.  I have been watching over my father in Utah now for almost 9 months.  So, this is the first fall since I was 20 years old.  Cold air has a smell, a good smell.  Rain smells great.  The colors are amazing.  While I missed all the mountain leaves change colors, (I was in Houston), the trees in the valley are in all different stages of changing.  I put a couple of pictures at the bottom of the blog.

Now, on to the important stuff.  I can't imagine how, but I left off one of the new quilt projects from Market on the last blog.  WAITING FOR LOVE  is our first table topper.  It is 52" square and made to fit over your favorite table.  We used Basic Grey's new line, BLUSH  from Moda.  One layer cake and some yardage, so not only is it cute, but it is fast.  For all you  tweeter's out there, you should have already seen it.  Fat Quarter Shop tweeted it the first day of Market.

This picture was in our booth.  This picture was taken upstairs in the convention center.

We also got a new picture for HONEY PIE, the new quilt using EDEN, for Moda, by Lila Tueller.  Isn't it great for a little girl's bed.

Since we are now talking about little girl's quilts, (what a segway), we have been very busy this week working on a new project.  Only hints for now.  It involves a little girl's bed, OZ fabric from Moda, and a magazine.  Ok, just a teaser, but we have to wait until February to see the final quilt also.

Now, those fall colors I promised.

Around the neighborhood.

In the yard.

Up the street.

Skiing is just around the pumpkin.

And last, one of my favorite places, I have shot scenes from different areas in this valley.  This shot is looking over the Pine View resevoir up at Snow Basin, the local ski resort.  And yes, that is the first snow of the season.

Hope ya'll have a great week.
Janice and Marcea

Friday, October 16, 2009


We are almost back to normal.  I flew home yesterday through Las Vegas, Phoenix and then on to Salt Lake City.  Janice is almost caught up on all the orders.  Now we are busy doing the laundry and the grocery shopping and the cooking and, you know, the real stuff.

We had ten new projects for Market.  Three you have already seen here on the blog, and seven more, all made in the last two weeks.  Enough words, here are the pictures.

The first new design is MATCH BOX.  It is made from Moda's designer, Sweetwater, in their new line, MAKE LIFE.  It uses a charm square pack, a layer cake pack and a jelly roll with some yardage.  We will of course have regular fabric requirements listed also.  It is a big quilt, almost 70" x 80".  And as I told Janice, I always wanted a WHITE QUILT.

We shopped and shopped for Kaffe Fassett fabrics to put ALL TOGETHER NOW together.  Thirty fat quarters will give you this beautiful  quilt.

This is MY DEAR PRUDENCE.  A fat quarter bundle and a little yardage go together very quickly.  I loved this collection, SIMPLE ABUNDANCE from Moda.  The ric rac and the raw edged flowers add to the warmth.

Every one who saw this quilt, FEELIN ALRIGHT, did what we did, JUST SMILE.  Moda's new collection by Sanae, OZ, provides the happy yellow feeling.

Here they are, MAGGIE MAY'S.  This purse goes together quickly and has such a beautiful shape.  And if you love those great little Honey Buns from Moda, you can use it in this purse.

Last, but by no means least, THE ELLIE BAG.  This was a very popular choice at market.  Depending on the fabric, it can be multi-purpose for all ages.  We had stores cutting and kitting before market was even over.

There are more pictures, but I will save them for the next blog.  All the new patterns will be available in a couple of short weeks.

Have a great weekend,
Janice and Marcea

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Wow, we made it.  What a whirlwind.  It started 2 weeks ago when I flew to Florida for the last minute sewing buzz.  We made two purses, four abbey bags and 5 quilts.  We had a week.  Then, we loaded up our little red boy scout trailer, and hit the road for houston.  We left late, of course, so we drove all night, except for the two hours we slept in a parking lot.  Pulled into Houston about 10 am and headed for the convention center.

Here is the best part, though.  Pictures of the booth.

We created this wall to show off all our bags and allow people to shop from both sides.

We put up the big letters just in case any one wanted to know who we are.

That is our first group of pictures.  We pulled into Florida this morning at 5 am.  I am flying back to Utah first thing in the morning.  I will post more pictures of our booth and some of our favorite friends from Market.

Check back in a couple of days.  So much to show.

Marcea and Janice