Thursday, November 10, 2011


Three little witches spent 14 days in Houston, Texas.  We had a great time, met lots of new quilters and saw a lot of old friends.  Janice and I invited a dear friend, Carol, to come and help.  (We worked her so hard, she may not come back).  
I have been feeling a little grey this year, as you can tell from our walls, our aprons, even our floors.  Here are some of the pictures of our booth.  Hope you enjoy.  
As you can see, right down to the floor, we wanted to make sure you knew who's booth you were in.
I grabbed out my chalk and had some fun drawing on the walls.
Probably the most  exciting new item we have is our new book, SIMPLE CHOICES.  All the quilts in this picture are in the book.  And sooooo much more. 

Janice has better handwriting than I do, so i asked her to write the name of the book across the back wall.  So according to my instructions, she wrote SIMPLE TIMES four times across the wall.  About an hour later, we realized that the book was called SIMPLE CHOICES.  Can we say brain freeze.

We displayed the pillows from our book TOUCH OF WHIMSEY on this cute baker's rack.  They were a hit.
We had this cute little lady displaying some new and old bags.  The red one with the giant numbers is brand new, we call it "The LUCILLE Bag."  Pattern coming soon.
Take a peak at two new quilt patterns, REVOLUTION and HARD DAY'S NIGHT.  Better pics will be posted soon.

Here is the final new quilt, HANKY PANKY with one of our favorite designer fabrics, BASIC GREY.  The fabric will be out next spring.  Can hardly wait.

This was our final new pattern.  An adorable bag called "The MARY JANE Bag".  First time I had done large gromets.  So easy, so fun.

We stayed for festival, the retail side, a five day show, if you have never been there you need to come some time.  We through up one new quilt, a remake from our GOOD DAY SUNSHINE pattern done for Christmas.  Check the website,  to see this pattern and the pillow book. 

So that's a quick tour.  We are busy getting the website loaded with the new book and patterns. 
Have a great week, it is nice to be back, and a special shoutout to our dear friends over at ME AND MY SISTER, this one is for you.

Janice and Marcea