Monday, December 9, 2013


Wow, what a great week of BEATLE BAG MANIA.  We put all the entries in a hat and pulled out three lucky winners.  If you didn't win, you can still get a Beatle Bag pattern on our website,

The comments of what you would put in the bag were great, but my favorite was the one where the lady is going to make one for her daughter and put money in it for a trip to Europe.  I want to be on her list.

Ok, the winners are:

1.  Cathy McG  from Florida

2.  Kelly S.  from Missouri

3.  Kelley from Pennsylvania

Wow, I just noticed that there were two Kelly's.  Totally random.  If you are a winner, please email us your shipping address to

Again thanks to everyone who shared, it is a great bag.

Janice and Marcea

Monday, December 2, 2013


While everyone has been busy finding all the great deals on Cyber Monday, this includes me, Abbey Lane Quilts decided to have a FREE GIVEAWAY instead.  Yup, we are giving away 3 BEATLE BAG PATTERNS which include the inserts.  Haven't heard about the BEATLE BAG yet, well here is your introduction.
We debuted the BEATLE BAG, which is a Grab and Go sewing bag, at Market.  It was a hit.  By the time we got to Festival, people had come up with all kinds of uses for the BEATLE BAG including using it for stitchery, small projects, beading, crayons and markers, make-up, jewelry, pretty much anything you need to take with you.
For tonight though, we are going to show you how we use it for a sewing kit to take with us to classes, guilds, retreats, or even just a friends house.
The pattern includes 4 Inserts which are heavy duty vinyl bags.  The have a zip closure.  Each insert has two bags, one on each side, so in total you get 8 bags.  They velcro into the beatle bag.  You can fill the bag with all the things you need for sewing, we even give a giant suggestion list in the pattern.  On the inside it also has two pockets big enough to hold full size scissors and a full size cutter.  It also has a detachable pin coushin to put up by your sewing machine.
Now, the fun part, it rolls up, fastens tight and off you go.  The handle will even fit over the handle on your sewing machine roller.  I think it is one of the cutest and the best part, practical and useful patterns we have ever created.
One more bonus, once you make one, you will want to make more.  We have refill packs for the inserts too. You can find out all the details about the pattern and the inserts on the website,

So back to the FREE part.  To celebrate this new pattern, we want to give away 3 of them.  You know the drill, here is how to enter.  You will get an entry for each of the things you do below.

1.  Become a follower of our blog, or let us know you already follow.

2.  Become our friend on facebook, or let us know you already are.

3.  Post it on your blog, send us the link.

4.  Share the giveaway on Facebook.

5.  Leave a comment here.  Tell us what you are going to put in your Beatle Bag.

6.  If you are great at #, and you know who you are, post #TheBeatleBag where ever you #.

We will pick three winners next Monday night.  Good luck, and thanks for stopping by.

Janice and Marcea

Sunday, November 24, 2013


I often tell people I cook better than I sew.  So that makes Thanksgiving one of my favorite holidays.  This isn't about me though, but I did put a recipe down at the bottom, it is about Abbey Lane, and tonight I am going to share with you our new patterns we debuted at Quilt Market.

We had five new quilts, and as always, the new ones have become my favorites.  We started with ROCKY RACCOON.
 The colors in this quilt are just beautiful, and believe it or not, they are civil war fabrics.  This is such a versatile pattern that you could gather up your scraps and come out with a beauty.

The next one is AINT SHE SWEET.
 I went to five different quilt stores and raided my stash to come up with the greys and off whites used in the center and on the borders.  My efforts really paid off.  The giant flowers are super funky and the bright colors finished out the happy feel.

This tied for first place for favorite quilt at market with all the ladies.  Again, this is a versatile quilt made with fat quarters.  We used a collection from Moda called BLUEBIRD PARK, which is in stores now.  As with almost all of our patterns, many different styles of fabrics can be used and all will produce great results.

tied with Meter Maid and was my personal favorite.  This quilt, with it's oversized 15" whacky butter churn block, has so many options.  I am going to do it in Christmas fabrics, and Janice already picked out her halloween fabrics.  For the cover quilt, we used a collection called Collage.  It is also in stores now.

The last quilt is JO JO.
The dark grey background truly sets off the fun pieced blocks.  The arrangement of the blocks also plays to the modern feel.  We used Heather Bailey's new collection Lottie Da for this quilt.

We introduced one more new pattern which has a lot of buzz about it.  The BEATLE BAG
 is a grab and go sewing kit.  It is so cool that I am devoted an entire blog to it.  Check it out next week, there will even be a giveaway or two.  To see full details about any of the quilts, just head over to the website,

Now I promised a recipe and I apologize for not having a pic to go with it, but this is my favorite new dressing/stuffing.  I made it the last two years and it is yummy.  I have even made it with gluten free bread and it tastes amazing.  Give it a try.

Have a great week, a yummy Thanksgiving and don't forget to give thanks for all that you have been blessed with.

Janice and Marcea

Monday, November 18, 2013


Can't believe I haven't posted since Portland's Quilt Market.  Going to have to rectify that.  So, let's start today with a quick wrap up from Houston's International Quilt Market.

Good Morning Texas!  Best thing about the hotel is the make it yourself Texas Sized waffles.
We had a big double booth for this market, since we also stay for festival. 

 By the way, if you have never been to Quilt Festival in Houston, you are missing out.
We debuted 5 new quilts for the show.  Have a look.



We also hung up one of my favorites, VINTAGE quilt from our new book, SO MANY CHOICES, it went so perfect with the booth.

We also introduced the BEATLE BAG.  It was one of the big hits of the market.  It is a Grab and Go Sewing bag.  

Watch for all the details and a giveaway in the next couple of weeks.  In the meantime, you can see all the details for our new products on our website,
 Just a couple more pictures of the booth,

 and oh yeah, WE WON THE MERCHANDISING AWARD.  Check out the ribbon and plaque.  We were very honored to receive it.  So that just about wraps up market, but had to share with you our Halloween fun at festival.

  Dena joined Janice and I for the 10 days in Houston.  We couldn't have done it without her.  Thanks for taking a moment to catch up with us.  For information on all our new patterns and book, head on over to the  Have a great week.

Marcea and Janice


Sunday, June 2, 2013


We loaded up the trailer, built a bed in the suv, picked up my cousin Bonnie, and started out for Portland with my husband at the wheel.  Driving in the west is so beautiful, unlike the south, you can see beyond the trees on the side of road.  We had a great trip up.

Portland lived up to its weather reputation.  Cloudy, rainy and cool for the weak.  I loved it.  We got into the convention center early and got all set up.  Janice came in Thursday evening from Oklahoma.  She got to be present for the birth of her 6th grandchild and first baby granddaughter, Bailey on Wednesday. 

So here are the pictures of our booth.  Enjoy.

Marcea, Janice and Bonnie
Check out those aprons, our Mrs. Robinson pattern

This is looking into the booth and a peak at our new book, SO MANY CHOICES

Looking to the side

The other side
Check out the cute bags including the new "Bonnie" Bag on top.

New Baby Quilts, this is KNOW MY NAME.

The other Baby Quilt, MAYBE BABY.

This is SHA LA LA, From Basic Grey's
new collection and below is

Marshmallow Pies, our new Pillow Pattern.  All three are included.