Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pulling All Nighters

I have now been in Florida for 6 days. I will be returning to Houston tomorrow. Janice and I have accomplished a lot, but there is soooooooooo much more to do. Before I get to the good pictures, I wanted to share with you pics of some of our pets. Actually, they just happen to live in the yards at our houses.

Let me introduce you first to Sassafrass. She is a chicken, and she stands outside the studio and waits for us to feed her. She belongs to Janice. A few months ago, Janice had 12 chickens and roosters, but, saddly, she is down to one.

I am staying out in the country outside of Houston. We have numerous squirrels, a family of baby racoons, two large hawks, and this cute guy. His or her name, I don't know how to tell on an armadillo, is NOSEY. Normally armadillos don't come out in the day, but this dumb thing runs around the yard all day, sticking his nose in the grass digging bugs.
Ok, enough of the animals, back to the quilts. I want to spend a minute to tell you about one of our friends. Her name is PATTY YOUNG. We met Patty at market in Portland last spring. She has designed a new line of fabric for MICHAEL MILLER. It is called ANDALUCIA, even the name is beautiful and the fabric is better. We designed two quilts for Patty's new fabric to show at market. The fabric arrived in Florida, I followed quickly, and we began. The quilt is coming off the quilt machine in about an hour. It will have some additional elements added, but we wanted to give you a sneak peak. Make sure to go to the bottom to see the finished quilt.

This quilt is perfect for a little girl, or even an old girl like me, I just want to hang it on the wall.

We added this striped backing and it made the back almost as cute as the front. The colors and patterns in this line are great. Ok enough on that quilt. The second quilt is still in blocks, so no sneak peak this week, but check back. It will be worth it. It is out of rich greens and browns with splashed of red and is a true quilters quilts. It is a piecing quilt, so Janice is sewing it. Did I tell you that Janice is a better seamstress than me. It is very sophisticated and I have already claimed that the finished quilt will be mine. Well, I can't say enough about this line other than to tell you to go to Patty's blog, and you can see the whole line.

Only the binding to go. Janice said the first two pictures were tooooo ugly. I like to use just ok pictures cause I want you to see the best when they are done, but this one is too cute to not show you the finished quilt.

Market is less than three weeks away. We have two more quilts, lots of abbey bags, a purse and an apron to finish, oh yeah, the patterns to go with them. Hope we make it. Thanks for reading and please, leave a comment, we love to know what you think.


Mom said...

I have been on both your blog and web site. I love the baby, garden party, and hey little girl patterns. I have passed on your site to my friend and sister-in-law. I love this new quilt. My friend is looking for ideas for a going away to college quilt for he daughter, I think I'll pass on this one one to her. When will a pattern be available? You have fun things, thanks for sharing.

Jenn~ said...

I love this quilt....amazing fabrics too, you definately did them justice :) I can not wait for the fabrics to come out...

Nellie said...

Cute quilt!! I love the pattern - simple but still so cute. Good work ladies....if I had a little girl I would definitely make this for her bed. Keep up the good work!

Carolee said...

This is adorable! Could definitely work for little/teen/grown-up girls. What fun! Love the fabrics too.