Sunday, September 20, 2009


Yes, today, is Janice's Birthday.  So all together now, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.  One of the perks of being the partner who writes the blog is I can choose what to write about.  So while Janice would not share the announcement of her birthday, I will. 

I guess it would not be politically to correct to tell you her age, so let me just say that first, she is older than me.  (I just love that)  This would be when Janice would tell you she is only 9 months older than me.  Second, I will tell you that she graduated from high school one year before me.  (Nine months can mean alot.)  Third, and the best clue of all, Janice and I share different decades.   Fourth,  just in case you haven't got it yet, IT'S A BIGGEY.

Enough about her age, although it is an important birthday milestone, because it's not the age, it is the miles.  Wait, I think that is for cars.  I know we have talked about having a contest, but no, you cannot win a prize for guessing Janice's age.  Sorry.

There is a bit of quilting news in this birthday blog.  We received an email about the Abbey Bag from Melanie.  It includes a tip for putting the bag together. 

Here's what she said:

Hi Abbey Lane folks!

The abbey bag is adorable! And I am making them as gifts to my sewing friends. But I have a suggestion to make attaching the botton on top of the pin cushion easier:

I used a double strand of crochet cotton in a matching color, ran the needle up through the pin cushion, as instructed, attaching the button and back down.....but before securing it, I used a few dots of fabric/craft glue under the button, pulled the threads through and secured! Voila! Nice and secure.

Thanks so much Melanie.

Ok, just one more thing, let's all wish Janice a Happy Birthday again. 

Have a great week.
Janice and Marcea


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Janice,


~LisaLou~ said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Janice!
It was so fun seeing you last week. We love you!
Lisa and family

Mary's Cottage Quilts said...

Hey! Happy Birthday Janice!!! See you next week