Saturday, April 17, 2010


Sorry, just no way to break the news other than to say, I am heading to Kaui, Hawaii, in the morning.  I know, it's rough, my niece called two days ago and asked if I would go and help her watch her two little babies.  Her husband has been detained with work meetings.  Darn.  Janice is in Pennsylvania visiting her daughter and three grandsons, so this post will be short.

One quick grandpa story.  Janice's husband, Kevin called me on the phone yesterday to check a recipe.  He usually makes a cake called 30 MINUTE CAKE which he decided to make but did not have the recipe.  He found one of my recipes, TEXAS FUDGE CAKE, so he wanted to know if it was the same.  Yes, I said.

He called back a couple of minutes later, but I missed the call, so I called him back about thirty minutes later.  "There is no frosting recipe,"  he said.  "I think I remember it though."  While we were talking I could here this yelling in the background.  "Are you babysitting Kevin," I asked.  "Yes," he said, three boys ages 5, 3 and 1.  "Who was that?" I asked.  "That was Noah,"  he said.  Noah is the 1 year old, just turned 1 last week.  I asked Kevin what the baby wanted.  Kevin said, "He is eating a corn chip."  I asked him if the baby had any teeth to chew this hard corn chip with.  Kevin said, "Yes, he has two on top and two on bottom."  I asked him if he thought the baby could chew up the corn chip.  Kevin said, "Sure, he just put too many in his mouth at once."  We finished our conversation and all of a sudden a very strange noise.  "Oh no," Kevin said, "the baby is starting to gag."  I told him goodbye very quickly and suggested he go help the baby. 

As you can see, the three boys survived their day with grandpa.  On a side note, this is the same grandpa that gave the same baby blue marshmellows out of the cereal box when he was two months old.

Thought I would throw in the recipe for this cake.  I am pretty sure you have all had it, but just in case.

Have a great week, we are, and make sure that all your grandpas act like little boys.
Aloho, Janice and Marcea


Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Marcea, poor you having to rush off to Hawaii NOT LOL
Love the Grandpa story LOL

hugs, Sharon

Carolee said...

Ha ha!!! Yes, classic grandpa story, told so well. And yes, the blue marshmallow was a good one too.

hope you're having fun!

prashant said...

hope you're having fun!
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