Sunday, May 9, 2010


We would like to wish a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mothers, grandmothers, mother's to be, foster mothers, want-to-be mothers, and all of us who lovingly mother those around us.

May is also the Wonderful month of SPRING MARKET.  We are officially going crazy.  I head to Florida on Wednesday, and on the following Monday, we get in the car and DRIVE to Minneapolis.  We use the time during the drive to finish hand sewing on quilts, stuff patterns, shoot cover shots after we finish sewing, make brochures and pretty much every other little thing we did not get done in time.

I have spent four days this week shooting pictures for new patterns and our BIG SURPRISE.  It is soooo big, that we aren't even showing peaks yet.  But, I am showing you a new pattern.  The four days I shot this week showed the crazyiness, I mean, Wonderful month for weather.  The first day it snowed, the second day it was 75 degrees, the third day, sunshine with snow falling everywhere, day four 68 degrees.

My very helpful husband went along with me for a couple of the photo shoots.

He found a really nice spot to hang the quilt.
He did find this beautiful spot.

Here is the final shot.

The quilt is call JUST LET IT BE.

I did have to throw in a picture of my favorite things, flowers.  Here was my flower on this location.

Hope you Wonderful month of May is just that.  We will keep you updated on our Market preparation.

Janice and Marcea


Shannon said...

Really cute, can't wait to see you at market.

Gale, Ky quilter said...

Beautiful quilt! Please forgive me if I should know, but what fabrics are used in this quilt? It's so beautiful!

prashant said...

I love it Beautiful quilt!
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