Friday, July 2, 2010


Janice and I had a very busy couple of weeks.  She went on the road from Florida and ended up all the way in Utah.  We had a great week.  We went to most of the local quilt stores, nothing new there, bought more fabric, nothing new there, and then put together our book outline, SOMETHING NEW HERE.  Well, can't even talk about it, cause books take forever, but WE HAVE STARTED, YEAH.

Next bit of news.  We have our FIRST BOOK, BLOOMING POSSIBILITIES, back from the printer.

It will be ready to purchase on the website, later today.  And the most exciting news for you, a big contest next week right here to launch the new book.  Pictures, prizes, and soooo much more.

In the meantime, we all need to take a break and enjoy the holiday weekend.  I wanted to share a recipe that has been around my family for years.  My aunt made it when I was a little girl, and it is quick, easy, can be done in a crock pot, and makes the best side dish for any barbeque or get together.  I think Utah is the home for great get-together dishes.  I do have a confession though, I made up a fancy title for this recipe, but it isn't too sweet and it isn't too spicy.  It is very delicious and even little kids will love it.  You will want to double this recipe.  It will go fast. 

Hope you enjoy it.  Let's go out with a bang and wish everybody a HAPPY 4TH OF JULY, have a great weekend.

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