Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kits are Flying

August 25

Good News! The kits have been mailed. We waited anxiously for the fabric to arrive. First one box, then the next another, then a third. It was about that time that tropical storm Fay decided to park itself in Janice's back yard. It stayed for 5 days and dropped over 20 inches of rain. School was cancelled, roads were closed. At least it wasn't as hot. Trying to look at the bright side. So, the clouds parted and the sun came back and the kits were mailed. Thanks to those of you who emailed us that you got them. We would love to see the finished products. Send them, we will share them.

We are super busy on new quilts. Janice is working on two, one made from civil war fabrics (her favorite) and another cute baby quilt. Did I tell you that Janice is making a Dear Jane, or at least she was before we started all this.

I have two new designs almost completely sewn. While I was working on them, I came up with a cute new version of an old standby "need to have" item. I will post a picture in the next few days. I leave tomorrow to take my father back to Utah. I am in Houston, Texas with him right now, and i decided to get him out of here before the hurricane gets here, if it does. Look at Utah quilt stores, Abbey Lane is coming to town.

Well, thanks for reading.

Oh Yeah, Here's a picture of us at the quilt market in Portland in May. I am not really that much taller than Janice. four inch high heels.

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