Sunday, August 31, 2008

the storms

Just in case anyone would like to know, Janice lives in Orlando and I am temporarily in Houston. Janice has only had one tropical storm this summer, but it rained over 30 inches in just a couple of days. She is anxiously awaiting the sun to return to the sunshine state.

I, on the other hand, had one tropical storm go by that barely did anything. I flew my father back to Utah on Friday and returned to Houston tonight, Sunday, in order to prepare for Hurricane Gustav. It looks like it will miss us, best of luck to all those in it's path.

There was a bright side to my short trip to Utah. I visited four of my favorite quilt shops, Pine Needles and Elaine's in Salt Lake City, Quilter's Haven in Bountiful, and Sweet Lavender in Roy. I picked up a few missing pieces of fabric for a new quilt and then got some beautiful new fabric. This week I hope to finish two new quilts and a special surprise.

One more bit of Great News. ABBEY LANE QUILTS will be attending the International Quilt Market in October as EXIBITORS.

Whether Texas or Florida, we are trying to stay dry and sew, sew, sew.

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