Sunday, November 1, 2009


It is the first day of November and a great month to remind us to be thankful.  One of the best parts of Abbey Lane Quilts is all the friends we have made. Market was a great time to catch up with old friends and make some new ones as well.  Let's start with the new ones.  Between Market and this blog and our website, we have made friends all over the world.  I think we have been seen in more than fourty countries.  These two ladies were at market.  They had come all the way from Russia.  They didn't speak a word of english.

It is really amazing to know that we have patterns in Russia.

We were so excited at our first market to find all the pattern companies we loved.  I think our very favorite would have to be Buggy Barn.  We have made plenty of their quilts and we describe making several of ours as "Using the Buggy Barn Method.  Janet and Pam are two of the greatest ladies you will ever meet.

We never miss one of their new books.  Check them out at 

These two ladies have become fast friends.  Check out their booth. 

Liz and Beth from are the two most creative ladies we know.

We met this next friend in Portland several years ago.  She was kind enough to give us the opportunity to design with her fabric.

This is Lila Tueller, , and her sister standing in front of our quilt, HONEY PIE.  Lila was so excited about the quilt, in fact, her nickname is "Pie".

Another new friend, we love her designs and her fabric is Barbara of Quilt Soup.

She is standing in front of one of our favorite quilts from market.  Check out all her designs at

These two ladies make the sun shine where ever they are.  We caught Barbara and Mary inbetween photo shoots.

To join the fun, check out

Always a great booth from these ladies.  Barb and Alma are amazing.  Quilts, fabric, you name it.

Check out the halloween quilt in the corner.  We both purchased this pattern.  Find out about Blackbird designs at

This last booth photo is not a person, it is a fabric company.  Alexander Henry fabrics to be exact.  They won best booth and rightly deserved.

We hope to make friends with their fabric very soon.

To finish up our new friends, we ran across this wonderful lady.  My inspiration in quilting came from both my grandma's.  This little grandma is inspiring many new quilters.

She has some amazing video, please take a moment to watch.

Thank you to all our friends, new and old.  Have a great week.
Janice and Marcea


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I am a granny fan too. I've been following Valerie's blog for quite a while, and it has been so sweet to honor her grandmother is this way.

Valerie said...

Hey, I just found where you posted this. Thank you so much for blessing my Granny by her being an inspiration to you along with your Grandmothers. She is 96 years old and such a blessing to me. I wish she knew about the internet so she could see that she is famous!!!