Sunday, November 15, 2009


I did a lot of photo journalism in college.  In fact, scrapbooking, blogging, journaling are all forms of photo journalism, so I thought i would share with you a typical day of shooting pattern covers.  To be exact shooting MATCH BOX.  This is the final product.

I had been waiting to get this quilt back from Janice so I could get the cover shot.  I had spotted this great red barn from one of the highways down the street and new it would be perfect for the quilt.

There were only two obstacles to my getting the picture.  First, the weather.  I had one afternoon, before the snow was coming, and, while I could see the barn from the road, I couldn't find an access road to get to the barn.  So, I grabbed the camera, and off I went.  After several unsuccessful tries, I finally found a very long, skinny dirt road that I knew would take me to the barn.  What I didn't realize was everyone I was going to meet along the way.

First, I came up on these two.  This one was a month old.

This one was only a day and a half old.  The guys working in this barn thought I was crazy.  I just kept shooting picture after picture.

They called me a "City Girl."  The nerve of them.  Next on the long road was this guy.  I don't think the road gets a lot of traffic, because everyone I met gave me one of those looks like, "What are you doing here?"

Next on my path were these two little guys.  Never quite new the purpose of a shetland pony.

I reached the barn next where I met the owner.  A lovely lady with a thick German accent who was picking up walnuts off the ground.  She had 20 of the biggest chickens I had ever seen.  She was so excited that I was going to take pictures of her barn.  She said it was the prettiest in all of Northern Utah.  As I started back to the highway, I heard some running water.  I found a little creek and this guy.

Biggest rat I ever saw, until my husband told me it was a muskrat.  He was so cute.  We don't have these in Florida waters, just gators and snakes.  He was sharing the water with this beautiful guy.  I thought ducks went south for the winter.  He better be on his way.

Just when I thought I there was no more to see, after all, I was nearly to the highway, I spotted a bunch of Llamas.  They were a little camera shy.

I want you to know that no animals or quilters were harmed in shooting these pictures.

Shooting the cover shots is always fun and challenging.  MATCH BOX was no different.  This is a great quilt.  Simple to make using a Charm Square Pack,  a Layer Cake, a Jelly Roll and some background fabric.  As all quilters do, we tried to use all the fabric, so this quilt has a great back.  We took all the leftover Layer Cake pieces and formed a stripe down the center.

The pattern will be available this week on our website,

Hope ya'll have a great week. 
Janice and Marcea


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Lovely pictures. Beautiful barn and quilt!

Cameron said...

LOVED the story, the pictures and can't wait to get my hands on that quilt pattern. I'll be waiting, anxiously.